£35 for table cutter £20 for hand held

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polystyrene Hot Wire table Cutters


HOT WIRE CUTTER TWO CUTTERS IN ONE WITH FREE CIRCLE CUTTING JIG FOR CUTTING Polystyrene foam , Depron , blue and pink xps/Styrofoam All the shapes in the photos were cut with this cutter Comes with plug-in power supply 3 pin UK (for outside UK all you need is an adapter that cost about £2) the photos show what you will receive and 9 spare cutting wires, plus one fitted for testing With loop ends that now just slide on and off for easy replacement 7 /30g cutting wire for every day cutting at approx. 640 F 2 / 32g cutting wires for cutting thin foam and Depron approx. 520F Great for craft work/ model making/cutting cake dummies/ RC planes/ and lots more This is the original cutter that I designed 5 years ago and are made in the UK and have been selling on eBay for 5 years Comes ready to cut, the fence fits across the 300mm and the 400mm as in photo to assist straight edge cutting and angle cuts, and free circle cutting jig that no other cutter has My cutter has a 15.88mm Diameter aluminium tube cutting frame that can be adjusted for angle cuts, and the clip that holds it just screws up with thumb nuts (no tools required) to hold it in place The tabletop is made from the more expensive 10mm PVC to give it more weight to stop it moving when cutting And the clip that holds the cutting frame to the table is bolted on with two M6 bolts with nuts and thumb nuts, this is for those of you that want to make a bigger top, Size is 300mm x 400mm and Can cut 150mm thick x 333mm deep (from cutting wire to back frame) If you want just remove the cutting frame and you have a freehand cutter that can cut 170mm thick x 333mm deep FREE UK POST 2 to 3 days /next day post is available at extra cost if required Spare cutting wire and all other parts are available if needed replacement cutting wire ebay item number 253850906492 £5 for 5 free post , the ones with the green background on ebay or direct from address printed on the cutter 10 for £5 free post (and use same paypal address ) 12 MONTHS WARRANTY/ I AM HERE 7 DAYS A WEEK 365 DAY IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE This cutter has protection now so cannot be copied If it is not sold by me it is not one of my cutters I have NO connection with other sellers of this type of table cutter that look the same and the description very similar, they are just copies of my design and do not have the warranty and backup I provide this is not the cheapest on ebay as it has a thicker 10mm table ,and 15.88 mm cutting frame and the cutting wire are longer lasting as the power supply is the correct size for the 30g and 32 g wires supplied For safety reasons i don't advise using any other size of cutting wire as the 5 volt 3a power supplies used on this type of cutter Will be overloaded and can burn out very fast this is not a toy £35 free post to UK 



7 Spare cutting wires 7" long 30g Nichrome wire with post

hand held hot wire cutter


hand held hot wire polystyren cutter

 This is my new handheld cutter for cutting polystyrene / depron WITH POWER SUPPLY (NO BATTERIES REQUIRED) with the same size cutting wire and power supply as my table cutter it will cut 150mm thick and 140mm deep(not like some it has the full depth of cut ) ,and the cutting temperature is aprox 640f /337c the right heat for cutting polystyrene not like some other cutters that cut at lower temperatures and cut cutter uses 30g nichrome wire that is stronger and will last longer, and the weight is only 170g, made from aluminium and has a protective PVC covering, There is a red LED to indicate when the cutter is switched on as you can see in the photo, just plug it in and it is ready to cut instantly, comes with 2 spare cutting wires that just slide on and off if you need to replace them, as with my other cutter it has 12-month warranty and if you need help I am here 7 days a week. spare loop end cutting wire are available on my site if needed,they are the same cutting wire used for my table cutters. replacement cutting wire ebay item number 253850906492 £5 for 5 free post ,the ones with the green background on ebay) or you can make your own This cutter is made to last, the power supply just plugs in to your wall socket and the output is 5 volt 3 amp CE approved so is safe to use, and you will never need batteries, it will cut as soon as it is turned on, and is self-tensioning to keep the cutting wire tight (as nichrome wire expands with power on ) made in the UK And only comes with 3 pin uk plug, but will work in other countries with a plug adapter that cost about £2 Just to let you know you can pay by card on PayPal even without PayPal account free post on this cutter is UK only AS with my other cutter this one has protection so cannot be copied any questions please ask EAN 0660902549894 this is NOT a toy £20 free post to UK